Christmas Musings

In the midst of all of the baby planning (okay, well the coaxing of her to get the hell out of there), I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on Christmas lately – mostly while walking and walking and walking through the malls (it’s cold here right now!).  I’ve realized that I’m pretty fed up with the way Christmas is treated anymore.

Santa, reindeer, snowmen, the most awesome Christmas tree ever, buying the most (and sometimes most expensive) gifts possible, etc., etc., etc.  Even when I was younger it wasn’t this bad!

I’m really sick of the whole “Happy Holidays” thing and the “X-Mas” thing.  (I told my Jewish friends Happy Hannukah  during Hannukah and now am into the Merry Christmas time).  Two holidays, that’s it.  And X-Mas, honestly, doesn’t really exist.  What’s the X?  It’s the lazy, ignorant people who take the Christ out of Christmas.  For those of you who didn’t know, it’s not supposed to be an X, it’s a combination of the Greek letters Chi and Rho – Χ and Ρ – which are the first two letters in Christ, and is used as a Christian symbol for Christ.  People just started leaving out the Rho, as, I guess, it takes too long to write it.

How has it come to this?  Have we really become this secular?  How did a religious holiday truly lose its meaning?  If you want to take Christ out of Christmas, what do you have left?  From a purely literal standpoint, you no longer have Christmas.   Even Wikipedia says that it is “nominally” a Christian holiday.  How can people that don’t believe celebrate this holiday – this HOLY DAY?

I would challenge those of us out there that truly believe in the real meaning of Christmas to remove the “nominal” from this holiday.  The whole holiday is supposed to be centered around God giving us his only begotten son as a present to the world, a gift that would one day save us.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe we should have a third holiday, one to which “Happy Holidays” applies.  Just don’t pretend that it is the same thing as Christmas, which it isn’t.

As for us, we plan on teaching Charlie what Christmas is really about.  Yes, we plan on giving her Santa and presents, but rest assuredly, she’ll grow up knowing that Christmas is all about this:

And for those of you out there wondering, we are a practicing Roman Catholic family, as this may apply to this post.


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