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40 weeks and 2 days.  We’re now stuck in a holding pattern.  I’m so ready to just get this part over with.  My FIL is driving me nuts.  He keeps telling us the baby is coming on Christmas.  I soooooooo hope not.  I really don’t want to be in the hospital for Christmas.  I want to be back home with the baby by then.

I’m actually hoping for today.  Not only is there a full moon tomorrow, which can do weird things, but there’s a full lunar eclipse visible from our home tonight.  Maybe there will be some weird kinetic energy to get things moving…

This weekend was fairly busy.  We had a tiler install a new floor in our downstairs bathroom on Thursday and Friday of last week (we’d removed the floor in ’06, but had never replaced it).  When he removed the toilet and sink to do so, we realized that both needed to be replaced badly and that we were very lucky that they hadn’t sprung major leaks yet.  So Saturday, my FIL came over to help John install a new vanity and toilet. 

The new vanity makes our bathroom feel so much bigger.  It’s a really small 3/4 bath and used to have a pedestal sink.  Instead of replacing it with a new pedestal, we bought a vanity similar to this:

Although ours is a different color.  It is nice and shallow and actually gives us some storage space, which we’ve never had in this bathroom before.  I call it a win-win situation.

Our new toilet is a dual flush toilet.  This is a pretty cool idea as it flushes at two different settings, using less water for #1 and more water for #2.  It’s so quiet too.  Hopefully I can get some pictures and post them soon.

Oh yeah, just an FYI, I’m sorry, but I chose to remove all comments on my last blog post.  It’s one thing to comment on opinions, but it’s a completely different thing to attack someone’s religion.  I didn’t ask to hear comments about Catholicism (either current or extraordinarily old scandals), so instead of trying to sort through for those that were actually about the post, I just deleted them all.

But, for those that care, here’s a link that kind of proves that I’m not going crazy: USA Today Article   (I love how the priest compares using Jesus’s name in advertising to Voldemort’s name!)


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Christmas Musings

In the midst of all of the baby planning (okay, well the coaxing of her to get the hell out of there), I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on Christmas lately – mostly while walking and walking and walking through the malls (it’s cold here right now!).  I’ve realized that I’m pretty fed up with the way Christmas is treated anymore.

Santa, reindeer, snowmen, the most awesome Christmas tree ever, buying the most (and sometimes most expensive) gifts possible, etc., etc., etc.  Even when I was younger it wasn’t this bad!

I’m really sick of the whole “Happy Holidays” thing and the “X-Mas” thing.  (I told my Jewish friends Happy Hannukah  during Hannukah and now am into the Merry Christmas time).  Two holidays, that’s it.  And X-Mas, honestly, doesn’t really exist.  What’s the X?  It’s the lazy, ignorant people who take the Christ out of Christmas.  For those of you who didn’t know, it’s not supposed to be an X, it’s a combination of the Greek letters Chi and Rho – Χ and Ρ – which are the first two letters in Christ, and is used as a Christian symbol for Christ.  People just started leaving out the Rho, as, I guess, it takes too long to write it.

How has it come to this?  Have we really become this secular?  How did a religious holiday truly lose its meaning?  If you want to take Christ out of Christmas, what do you have left?  From a purely literal standpoint, you no longer have Christmas.   Even Wikipedia says that it is “nominally” a Christian holiday.  How can people that don’t believe celebrate this holiday – this HOLY DAY?

I would challenge those of us out there that truly believe in the real meaning of Christmas to remove the “nominal” from this holiday.  The whole holiday is supposed to be centered around God giving us his only begotten son as a present to the world, a gift that would one day save us.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe we should have a third holiday, one to which “Happy Holidays” applies.  Just don’t pretend that it is the same thing as Christmas, which it isn’t.

As for us, we plan on teaching Charlie what Christmas is really about.  Yes, we plan on giving her Santa and presents, but rest assuredly, she’ll grow up knowing that Christmas is all about this:

And for those of you out there wondering, we are a practicing Roman Catholic family, as this may apply to this post.

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39 Weeks and 5 Days


Well, it’s almost here.  Our estimated due date.  It seriously feels like just yesterday that we found out.  Except that that was on April 7th and it was warm, whereas now it is December 16th and we’re in the middle of an Arctic Blast.

I had a serious meltdown when I left the OB’s office yesterday.  She told me that next week when I go in, due to the holidays, we have to get an induction on the hospital schedule for Dec 30th so that I deliver by 42 weeks.  I left the doctor’s and was in tears.  I absolutely do NOT want an induction unless we’ve exhausted all other options.  But, she wouldn’t even listen to me.

I really dislike the doctor I saw yesterday.  She seriously has one of those I am a doctor therefore I am god complexes.   I think if I had had any other doctor or midwife in the practice yesterday it would have been better.  The doctor I saw yesterday doesn’t like natural births and I’ve been told that she really pushes her patients when they’re in labor.  Which is what she was trying to do to me yesterday.  When I told her that I didn’t want a cervical check she got really pissy with me and told me I was being unreasonable.

Fortunately, I know the next time she’s on call in the maternity ward and I’m aiming to not be there that day.  If I have to, I know John’s got my back.  Plus, we hired an awesome doula who can run some interference plays for us.

So, if you have any vibes or good luck wishes out there in reader land, I can use them for two things:

1) letting me go into labor naturally before an induction becomes imminent


2)I had a second, on-campus, full day interview last week.  It is seriously everything I could want in a job, so I’m hoping to hear something good.

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December 1st – 37 Weeks and 4 days

OMG!  I can’t believe it’s December.  It seems like just yesterday that we got the BFP, but now we’re at the ANY-DAY point.  Holy Crap!  Where did the time go?

We don’t have much more to do around the house for the baby.  Just finishing up some cleaning and organizing.  I still have to order her crib mattress, but we plan on keeping her in a bassinette for a little while, so it’s not too bad.  For some reason I keep procrastinating and avoiding ordering it.

I also need to pack my bag for the hospital.  I’m hoping to get this finished tonight, once I get back from teaching.  Once I do, I’ll put up a list of what I actually put in the bag.  I’ve used several different blogs for inspiration, so we’ll see what I come up with.

I’m pretty sure that we’ve decided to hire a doula.  I’ve spoken with her over the phone and she seemed wonderful.  John and I are meeting with her in person on Monday.  Hopefully the baby stays in until after that meeting!

We’ve also given our birth plan to the OBs office to be scanned into our file.  Thankfully, they have NO PROBLEM with ANYTHING on our list.  This was a source of worry for me, but I’m so happy that it went down so smoothly.  It makes me feel much better in our choice of doctors/midwives.

It’s almost the end of the semester.  I only have three more lectures to give for the class I’m teaching.  Thank goodness.  It’s getting harder and harder to stand and lecture for 2.5 hours, and I’m not the type to sit and lecture.  I just can’t do it.  Let me tell you, the lectern is at the perfect height for leaning when contractions start up 🙂

17 Days

until EDD!!!

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