Halloween Pumpkins

A few weekends ago John and I went to Linvilla Orchards in Media to get pumpkins for our house for Halloween.  I had an alterior motive though because what I really wanted was apple fritters that I didn’t have to make myself.  Yummy!  I love going down to Linvilla because you don’t have to go out into the fields to get your pumpkins, which can be fun but sometimes isn’t the best idea, and there are always tons and tons to pick from. 

John near some of the pumpkins

It was such a beautiful day when we went down there.  High 60s  with beautiful blue skies.  A perfect fall day.

Any type of pumpkin you want, they have it

These are the pumpkins that we bought

Daddy, Mommy, and Baby pumpkins

We haven’t decorated or cut the pumpkins yet, but I’m sure we’ll do that before Sunday.  In the meantime, they’ve been hanging out on our front steps, next to my begonias, which are doing really well in the cooler, wetter weather.

You can see the pumpkins on the steps, as well as Toby waiting for John to get home from work.


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