Many Reasons for a Lack of Posting

Life has been really crazy lately.  There have been three many reasons why I haven’t been posting a lot lately.

1) My Mac laptop is having several issues, with the most annoying being that the trackpad no longer works properly.  When you try to click it gets stuck and won’t drop icons or words correctly.  So you end up with words in the wrong orientation or items being dragged and dropped into the wrong place.  Super annoying.  Unfortunately, it couldn’t be fixed by just hooking up a mouse, meaning that there was a bigger problem going on inside the coputer. 

The Mac store wanted $200 to just open the computer up and an estimate was that it would be at least another $100 to fix it.  Therefore, we solved our own problem by picking up a new desktop computer (we only needed a new CPU as the old one was from 2000 and in really bad shape).  Grabbed it this weekend and voila, issue solved.  Desktop for work and blogging, laptop for just hanging out on the internet at night.

2) I was in a car accident on October 6th.  Absolutely 100% not my fault.  My SIL, BIL, and I were attending a family funeral (John wasn’t there as he was OOT).  We were stopped in the cemetary, waiting in line to find out where the gravesite was.  I put the car in park and we were gabbing.  A few minutes passed when out of nowhere, the car behind us hit us.  The man’s foot had slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator. 

 Because the seatbelt had tightened, I was told by my doctor to go to the Perinatal Evaluation Center at UPenn.  I spent a little over 7 hours having the baby monitored, but fortunately, everything was fine.  Now I’m just trying to deal with the coordination of the insurance companies and having my car repaired (it’s been in since last Tuesday and hopefully will come home tomorrow *keeping my fingers crossed* as I HATE the rental car – a Chevy HHR).

and 3)  John and I traveled to Pgh a few weeks ago to have a baby shower with my friends and family back home.  It was really lovely and everybody was so generous.  My SIL, Barb, did an amazing job with the decorations.  I don’t have a ton of pictures yet, even though I know my cousin and my aunt were taking pictures.  Here’s one that I do have though:

Me and three of my lovely FIFs

Guess which one is me.  I’ll give you a hint.  I’m the one with the big belly.

Since things have settled down a bit and my computer situation is much more stable, there should be posts a plenty coming.


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