Crazy Girl

Charlie is so active.  It’s funny because the books say to count her kicks and make sure that she kicks 10 times in 2 hours.  10 times in 2 hours is nothing for Charlie.  It’s more like 10 counts in 15 minutes (if that!).  She’s always so crazy.  I think she knows that I am a worrier, so she’s trying to keep my from worrying about her.  Either that, or she’s just trying to F with me.  And, with John and I as her parents, this may honestly be the case.

Her newest little trick is to lay transversly (side-to-side) directly under my diaphragm.  I don’t know how she manages to get into that position, but it hurts.  Really hurts.  And, I can’t breathe when she does it.  She did it for the first time on Friday night as John and I were walking around Target.  I had to stop walking and try to change positions to see if she would move.  The only thing that worked was sitting down, in which case she promptly dropped back down to her normal position.

She pulled the same stunt on Saturday and Sunday, but fortunately not today.

A bad influence for Charlie

Today was my 1hr glucose tolerance test.  I’m still waiting for the results, but I have to admit that it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  The clear fluid tasted like flat Sierra Mist and was easy to drink.  I hadn’t had much to drink with breakfast and had had a doctor’s appointment before the test, so I was very thirsty.  The phlebotomist kept telling me to slow down before I threw the glucose up, but I just wanted to finish it as fast as possible.  No problems from my end.  Charlie was a little acrobat in there once the glucose hit her!  I go back to the doctor’s in 2 weeks and will know the results then.  Here’s hoping they’re good ones.

Yesterday we went to the last regular season Phillies’ home game of the year.  We could have clinched the NL East title yesterday, but we lost to the Mets (The Phils are about to clinch the NL East as I write this post.  Actually, this should be the last pitch of the game…and we have our 4th straight NL East Title!!!!!!!! – But, I digress).  John had to buy his little girl this for her nursery:

The Phillie Phanatic

It’ll look lovely up there with her stuffed Pooh Bears.  Our next regular season game is April 3rd next year (the first game of our Sunday season ticks).  It’ll be Charlie’s first game and we can’t wait!  OK, we can wait, because now it’s the post-season!!!  I love October!!


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  1. That’s so cool! I had no idea that babies kicked that often!

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