Computer Avoidance

Yes, I’ve been avoiding my computer.  At least, I’ve been avoiding my computer in regards to blogging.  Why?  Two main reasons:

1) I’ve started taking all of the papers that John and I have been storing in our house for years and scanning them into the computer, then sending them over to an external hard drive.  This is taking a while to do.  It’s not hard, just time consuming.  More so than I thought it would be.  So far I’ve scanned about 500 documents.  But, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.  And the real kicker is that when I run the scanner it slows down my computer way too much to be able to use the internet.  I get my lectures and assignments uploaded for my students, but I’m not really surfing the web (do we still use this term?) or blogging much.


2) I’ve been a busy little baker lately.

Yummy Baking!

The recipes for these (pumpkin spice cakes, banana nut bread, dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and carrot cake) will go up tonight or tomorrow in the recipe blog.

I hope to be back to a regular blogging schedule soon!


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