Last 2nd Trimester Appointment

Had a doctor’s appointment this morning with a new midwife at the practice.  I had met her last time I was in (which was her first week), and I really like her.  After last month’s 11 pound weight gain, this month’s 3 pounds were so much better.  I’m still right on track for weight gain, even though I feel huge.  Baby’s heart beat is right around 150 and she seems to have flipped into the right direction (head down).

They found glucose and ketones in my urine this morning, so she asked me what I ate for breakfast.  I had to confess that I ate two of the chocolate chip bars that I made last night, along with a BIG glass of chocolate milk.  Yep, that would be the source of glucose in my urine 😛

I go back in two weeks for my glucose tolerance test.  Not looking forward to what everyone says is a lovely, sugary orange flavored drink (being sarcastic here).  But, since everything else looks great, I’m really not worried.



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2 responses to “Last 2nd Trimester Appointment

  1. Everything sounds like it is going great! Will the midwife be delivering Charlie?

    • Sonya, we don’t know if she will be or not. There are a bunch of doctors and midwives in the practice, so it comes down to who is doing deliveries at the hospital on that day. It’s a kind of Russian Roulette.

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