Just a Quick Update

1) I don’t think anything is going to come of the interview.

2) Started a new semester and a new class yesterday.  Teaching Biosystems and Applications to a class of chemistry/chemical engineering majors.  They know atoms and molecules, but they don’t know a bacterial cell from an animal cell.  It’s going to be interesting figuring out exactly how to teach them.  (By the way, in case you don’t know and were wondering, the main way to tell bacterial cells from animal cells is that bacterial cells don’t have a nucleus to hold the DNA and animal cells do.  There are other differences, but that’s the big one).

3) I have a new best friend.  He looks like this:

Mr. Hunky Protractor

Yep, a protractor.  So glad that I picked him up as not one of the angles in the nursery is at 90 degrees.

4) We bought material to make Roman Blinds for the nursery

Winne the Pooh Day in the Park Toile

Love it!  Can’t wait until the new windows are put in and I can get around to making the blinds.  Which brings me to

5) New windows in the nursery are going in next Tuesday

and last but not least

6) Nursery Furniture is being delivered tomorrow.  WooT!!

BTW – Just want to give a shout out to a Mr. M living in Morgantown, PA.  Heard you like to read the blog.



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2 responses to “Just a Quick Update

  1. the cape on the corner

    does that match the blue and purple? i don’t see purple, but maybe i have to see it in person. exciting!

  2. Toni(MIL)

    LOVE the toile!!!!

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