Redoing the Nursery Closet

This week I decided to tackle one of the smaller jobs in the nursery, the closet.  At least I thought it was going to be a small job.

It’s 55″ wide, so not a bad size.  The closet wasn’t very practical though, as it only had one bar about 5 feet high, with a shelf that was warped above the bar.  Here’s a picture of what the closet looked like:

Nursery Closet

So, we figured a closet organizer would be a pretty easy install (I’d already done it at our old condo and in our bedroom here).  We went with the ClosetMaid 5-8 Ft organizer.  Yes, our closet isn’t quite 5′ wide, but I didn’t feel like buying the pieces separately because it would have cost more.

The first thing I did was to take out the old bar, shelf, and shelf supports.  Here’s an example of what I was left with:

After removal of shelf

Doesn’t look very good, does it?  This was at about 10AM.  I decided I needed to fill the holes, sand them down, and repaint the closet.  Because I had a gift card to Wal-Mart, I went there to buy paint since I wouldn’t have to pay for it (free is GOOD).  I bought Kilz Brand Paint in the color Zodiac.  I have used Kilz primer in the past and it’s a very good primer.  I thought the paint would be at least okay.  Especially since right on the can it says that it’s guaranteed to provide one coat coverage.

It took forever to buy the paint at Wal-Mart.  First off, nobody was near the paint section.  Once I found someone, they had to find the right person to run the machine.  That was a huge fiasco as nobody really knew what they were doing, or could find someone that really did.  By the time I got home it was after 12 (and Wal-Mart is only 4 miles down the road).

I started painting the walls and the paint seemed really watery and streaky.  In fact, after one coat, this is how it dried:

Very streaky paint

Not very good.  I am glad that this paint was only going into the closet and not being used on walls in the room!  A second coat went on and it looked a little better.  But, by this time, I had to leave to pick up John at the train station and didn’t get a chance to put the organizer in.

Two days later I had the chance to finish the organizer.  Here’s what it looks like:

Closet with Organizer

Yes, there’s not a ton of room between the shelves, but that’s okay.  This is for a nursery, and we can always switch the shelves around (or pull one out) once she gets older and her clothing gets bigger.

Here’s all of her current clothes in the closet.  The clothes on the bottom are those that will be too big for her when she is born, most are for next summer.  The clothes on the top bar are those for her for the winter and spring.  I love how much color we’ve been able to find!

Charlie's Clothes

The baskets are from the Container Store and I bought them a few weeks ago on sale.  They are too cute!  John’s favorite piece of clothing is on the very left on the bottom.  Can you see it?  It’s a Penn State Onesie.

Here’s my favorite piece of clothing.  She actually has two of these, a 3-6 month size and a 9 month size.  Theoretically she’s all ready for next season.

Chase Utley T-shirt



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2 responses to “Redoing the Nursery Closet

  1. Colleen

    S–those baskets are adorable! I can’t believe she has so many clothes already. Good job–hope the painting of the nursery walls goes better!

  2. You did an excellent job with the nursery. Yes, you are correct there is a lot of room in the closet. Now when she gets older you better start looking for more closet space because she may be like you and like shoes. I like the pictures of how much work you are doing in the house.

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