Just a Couple Pics

I hate having pictures taken.  I especially hate having them taken now, when I feel like an overlarge blimp.  And yes, I am aware that I am going to get bigger.  But, since I do have a few pictures, I thought I’d share them with you.  This first one was taken the day before our anatomy scan.

20 weeks and 2 Days

This next one was at the Phillies game on my birthday.  I looked down and realized that, yep, it had finally happened.  I couldn’t see my feet anymore when I looked down (the foot to the left, as well as the shadow, belong to John).

21 Weeks and 1 Day

And finally, here is a picture from this morning, before I went to the job interview.  I complemented this lovely ensemble with a black blazer to hide my arms.  If there was any mistaking my pregnancy for just being overly fat, I think that is done.

23 Weeks and 4 Days

Hopefully some day my figure will return.  It’s going to be my New Year’s Resolution, which is perfect timing since I shouldn’t be pregnant anymore at that point.



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3 responses to “Just a Couple Pics

  1. You look great. Your dress is adorable! I hope the interview went well.

  2. oh wow- you look amazing! The baby bump is so cute! I cannot wait to see you in October!!!

  3. I like the dress that you wore for your interview. Will you wear this dress in October? I think you should get something purple to wear or get purple flip-flops for your party.

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