Colors To Start With

Well, we haven’t quite figured out what we’re doing in the nursery yet, but we did figure out our basic colors.  The only thing definite is that there will be a chair rail dividing the room into a bottom and top.  The bottom is going to be a solid color of this

SW 6771 Bathe Blue

Above the chair rail, we plan on having three plain colored walls (these walls have either windows or closet/door on them) and the fourth long wall will have some type of pattern (to be determined).  The main color for the top of the walls will be this

SW 6554 Lite Lavender

So, those are going to be the main colors in the nursery, a nice soft blue and a nice soft purple.  Two of my favorite colors (I’m partial to cool tones).  The room has a south facing window and a west facing window, so it’s bathed in sunlight for most of the day.  We went with lighter shades of these colors because they don’t make the room too bright.  It should be fairly soothing for a baby.  Now, we just need to decide upon what type of design we want to put on the long wall.

We bought Sherwin-Williams’ Duration paint.  We chose this because Sherwin-Williams’ paints are awesome.  The Duration paint, while not completely 0 VOCs, is very low-odor, low VOC, so it is perfectly fine for me to work with in the baby’s room, as long as I keep the windows open while painting.  Not a problem with the weather we’ve been having.  While Sherwin-Williams does make a 0 VOC paint, their Harmony line, we didn’t choose to use it in the baby’s room.  Why?  Simple, this is a baby’s room.  Once the baby starts crawling, standing, and walking, she’s going to be into everything.  And her hands are going to be all over those walls.  The Duration paint is the most washable latex paint that I’ve ever used.  We have it throughout our house and I’ve washed it numerous times, especially in the kitchen where we have yet to pick a backsplash.  After 4 years of that paint being in our kitchen and being washed with soap, water, and vinegar, there are absolutely NO water marks.  Amazing quality.  Totally worth the price (it’s much pricier than Lowe’s or Home Depot Brand).  We also lucked out that Sherwin-Williams was having a 40% off sale yesterday, so the two gallons of paint that we bought were much more affordable.  I give Sherwin-Williams paints two thumbs up.


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