It’s A…


We’re having a little girl.  Charlotte P. is measuring right on schedule for December 18th.  We have a little over four months to come up with a middle name for her.




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3 responses to “It’s A…

  1. love that you’re gonna call her charlie, i have always loved that. i know you aren’t really asking for opinions, but i’m giving mine. i think charlotte ****** ******, or charlie ****** ******, is nice since it pays homage to your name as well as john’s. just saying! or else something with 1 syllable.

    (B – I just edited this to pull our last names off of a public blog – SM)

  2. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you two! And I looove the name ‘Charlie’. So cute for a little girl!

  3. Yay Shannon! Congrats!! I love the name Charlotte!!

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