At the Movies

Yesterday evening we went to the movies.  I’m pretty sure that it was the first movie I’ve been to see at the theater in over a year.  Yep, not kidding, a year!  The last movie I can remember seeing at the theater was the Hangover (which, I have to admit is now one of my favorite movies.  I’m really an adolescent boy).  I remember wanting to see Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, and Alice in Wonderland, but not actually getting to the theater.  Fortunately, I’ve now seen all three on DVD and I’m extraordinarily happy that I didn’t waste my money.

We usually go to a theater by our home called the Ritz which isn’t too expensive, despite it’s name.  We’d go on a Saturday night, grab a soda and popcorn and still only pay about $25.  Not too bad for a night movie.  But, because we wanted to see the movie last night in 3D, we had to go a local AMC theater.  For the movie, $28.  For the popcorn, soda, and peanut M&Ms (because the baby wanted chocolate), another $18.  $46!!  For one movie!!  That’s more than we pay to go to the Walnut Street Theater!

So, what did we see?  We saw Despicable Me.  It was AWESOME!  I laughed so hard in parts that I was crying.  I honestly can’t wait to see it again.  Definitely going to have to grab it for our collection when it comes out on DVD.  The minions were hysterical.  “OOOhhhhhh, stuffed crust!”  I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good laugh.  One let down, I downloaded the Best Buy Minion Translator onto my BBerry, since they were really hyping it on TV.  Needless to say, it didn’t work with my particular model.  “Oh, Poop.”


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  1. i want to see that movie so bad. Think I could bring my 11 month old along with me? She did ok in Twilight, but hubs was there and pushed her in the stroller until she fell asleep. He says hes never going again. Whaddaya think? No. Yeah, probably not a good idea to waste someone else’s $46.

    Glad you got those M&M’s!

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