It’s a Sophie Post

Sophie is the younger of our two cats.  She’ll be 5 at the end of October, but I still think of her as the tiny little kitten that wouldn’t leave me at the shelter.  When we first adopted her, we thought Sophie was blind in one eye.  Turns out, she can see perfectly out of that eye (her left).  It’s just that she caught ocular herpes from her mother when she was born and a membrane formed over her eye for protection.  John calls her our little pirate, ARRGGHH.  Yes, she is most definitely spoiled (both of our cats are).

Watching for John to come home from work.

Who is that gorgeous cat reflected in the door?

Okay, Mom, that’s enough pictures already!

Hey, What’s Sophie doing at the door?

About 5 seconds after this picture, Toby pounced on Sophie and they had a wrestling matched which included large tufts of fur landing on the floor.

The princess on her throne, complete with a pillow on top of her.

I did not put the pillow on her.  The pillow was already stacked on the blanket and she crawled between the two.  I love that her tail is tucked up next to her nose.

Oh, Hi, Mom.  Yeah, I’m still sleepy here.  Maybe I’ll curl back up and go back to sleep.

(PS – The yarn is currently being made into a baby blanket.  I’ll have several pictures of recent yarn projects soon)



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2 responses to “It’s a Sophie Post

  1. hehe. herpe eye. cats. love them! and weighing in on the crib debate, i like the second. it’s a bit mid century modern, if you will.

  2. Sara

    aww- Sohpie is so cute! I love how she gets under thepillow- that’s too funny!

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