Our Anniversary Trip to Las Vegas, or otherwise known as, The Elusive Case of the Missing Cheese Danish!

This past weekend we flew out to Las Vegas.  And, while we were there, we definitively put to rest the idea that we could still pretend that we were in our early twenties.

We left Philly on Friday around 12, and with a layover in Chicago, arrived in Vegas at 4:30.  By the time we got our bags (really, it took FOREVER) and our rental car, it was after 6 by the time we arrived in our hotel.  We stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club on the Las Vegas Strip (we are owners in their timeshare, long story, but has saved us money and will continue to throughout our lives).

HGVC on the LV Strip

So we checked in, sat down to catch our breaths, and…promptly fell asleep!  We ended up sleeping through the night and getting up around 5 AM.  I don’t adjust well to time change, and John just goes with the flow.  So, at 7 AM, we headed out to The Paris for their breakfast buffet.  I was starving and we both wanted fresh crepes for breakfast.  The buffet is 15.99 on the weekends, and as AWESOME!  Stuffed ourselves silly.  But, no matter how hard I looked at the pastry table, no cheese danish.  Apple and Cherry, Check.  Cheese, nope.

The Paris

We wandered around Vegas, stopping by the MGM Grand to do their CSI:Experience.  Thankfully, we bought combo tickets for this experience, the aquarium at the Mandalay Bay, and the Titanic Exhibit at the Luxor.  Combo tickets: $54/person.  CSI alone, $30/person and definitely NOT WORTH 30 bucks!

After leaving the MGM Grand, we wandered back up to Paris, where we stopped to grab fresh Nutella crepes and our car.  Then drove to the Venetian.  We were picking up our tickets for Phantom that evening and decided to wander through the mall.  Left the Venetian and went back to the hotel to lounge for a little bit.  We originally wanted to use the pool at the hotel, but it was only in the low 70s and super windy.  Not swimming weather.

We headed down to the Bellagio for their dinner buffet.  There was Kobe beef on the menu, which John loves, so we were going to suck up the price for dinner (almost $40/person).  We got in line at 6:30PM, which we figured was plenty of time for dinner before heading over to see Phantom (we needed to be there before 9:30).  The worker at the entrance to the line said, 30-45 minutes, max, in line.  We waited, and waited, and waited.  Finally at 8, we jumped out of line and grabbed food at the Cafe Bellagio (sucked badly!) and watched a waiter drop 6 trays of food onto the floor.

The Bellagio

Headed over to the Venetian for Phantom, which is based on the movie version of the musical.  It was awesome, just like Phantom has been every time and every place that I have ever seen it (LOVE IT!)

Phantom Las Vegas

After this, we went home to bed.

Sunday, we slept in and headed to the Bellagio breakfast buffet.  Not as good as the buffet at the Paris, and more expensive (22 for me, 29 for John – he had all you can drink mimosas with his breakfast).  And, AHEM…Guess what I couldn’t find on their buffet!  A cheese danish.  Apple, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, and pineapple?  Check, check, check, check, check.  Simple cheese.  Nope 😦

Then we went to the Bellagio gallery of fine art and then wandered through the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace.  We also saw the fountain show at the Bellagio.  Here’s a link to our video.  I’ll edit this later and post it on here so that those of you who aren’t my FB friends can see it.

After this, we drove to the Luxor to see the Titanic Exhibit (AWESOME!) and then walked over to Mandalay Bay to the Shark Reef aquarium (also AWESOME!).  By this time I was majorly dragging.  After the aquarium, we wanted to eat at the buffet at the Mandalay Bay because they have crab legs on the buffet.  YUMMY!  But, it wasn’t quite open yet, so we had to wait.  John put his first money into a slot machine (we’re not big gamblers) and won $245.00 after only playing $40.  WooHoo!

The buffet was pretty good for the price (23/person).  I scarfed down plenty of crab legs, which John thought was hilarious.  We left and drove back to the hotel, where we were going to go swimming for a while (it was only 6PM), then head to the Freemont Street Experience once it got dark.  We sat down and the next thing we knew, it was 10PM!!  John went to the first floor convenience shop and picked up some drinks and potato chips, which we ate, then we went to bed to get ready for our 3 AM alarm to get to the airport before 5.

All in all, it was a nice weekend, but definitely showed us our limits.  Here’s the only picture we have of the two of us together on our First Anniversary.  Yes, I look awful and pimply.  It’s been that way for the last month and a half.

Our 1st Anniversary!

Now, off to search for that cheese danish.



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2 responses to “Our Anniversary Trip to Las Vegas, or otherwise known as, The Elusive Case of the Missing Cheese Danish!

  1. Did you even find your cheese danish? Good memories to have for when baby comes you will have different memories and won’t be doing the same things as you did for number one. Why wsn’t there a longer picture of you two in a bathing suit?

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