We had to have a tree come down in our yard.  Our only pine tree (and only source of shade in our back yard) took some major damage during the last snow storm.  Because of this, we had to have it entirely removed before it damaged our neighbor’s property.  Here are pictures of the tree coming down.  Goodbye, Tree!

The tree. Notice that the top is leaning backward and to the left. It used to stand up straight.

Getting rid of most of the limbs

More limbs are gone

And finally, the main trunk comes down

Once the trunk was down, they ground out the stump, so we have a nice piece of flat land back in the corner of our yard.  The tree people did a great job.  Very quick and very, very good at cleaning up after themselves.  Now, we need to put a privacy fence in.  This is just way too open to our neighbors.  I think it was interesting how blue the day started out and then the storm moved in.  You can see it in the pictures.  This was last Thursday, right before it began to rain straight through until Monday evening.


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